Video Poker entered the casino scene in the early 1970s. Since then, it has grown to be one the most popular (casino) ( ) games today.

Why is video poker special?

Video poker is special in that it offers you some of the best high paying odds. Besides, your prowess in the game can make a difference.

Yes, Video Poker gives you a chance to influence the game’s outcome. Therefore, it your poker skills are top-notch, you could make a fortune here.

Game rules

Just like any other casino game, Video Poker has rules that you must follow. Understanding these rules will make the gameplay easier. Such rules include:

You’ll be dealt five cards to start with.

While there are many video poker variants, they are all based on the simple mechanics of a 5-card draw poker. To get the cards:

  • Make your wager.
  • Press the “Deal” button and the machine will give you five cards randomly.

You are free to choose which cards to hold and which ones to discard

To select the cards you want to keep, simply tap on the card pictures on your screen. Once you are done picking, click the “Draw” button.

All discarded cards will be replaced.

Once you click the draw button, the poker machine replaces all the discarded cards. This will be a single, random process that can’t be predisposed.

The basic strategy for video poker

It would be a grave mistake to play any video poker game by guessing or trusting your gut instincts. You need a perfect strategy that involves:

  1. Choosing the right pay table.
  2. Choosing your cards wisely.
  3. Knowing when to pause or stop.

With the right skills and a perfectly implemented strategy, you’ll get better chances of winning big. Besides, you’ll enjoy benefits that accompany your winnings.

Video poker winning tips

Besides fun, we play video poker to at least grab some wins from the game. To make this happen, you need several tips and tricks, including:

Be prepared

First, you need to be ready to for the game. This may include both physical readiness where you master the strategy to use, and financial readiness.

Observe keenly

When choosing the game you want, you normally go for one that you’ve already mastered. You need to be keen since its easy to mess here.

Stay alert

You need to be sober when playing any video poker game. This is because a small mishap could cost you a lot of money.

Things to avoid

To keep the fun of the game, there are things you need to avoid. First, avoid retaining the kicker. Secondly, the straight and flush aren’t always friendly.

The final thoughts

Playing video poker is one of the best choices you can ever make when you visit a casino site. However, the game has its technicalities.

You need to master the game strategies and implement them well. Most importantly, know when to pause, stop or quit playing video poker games.